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  • Submit on change if input type select and no submit button defined (gregpyp)


  • Namespace default event as click.editable (Zangetsu)
  • Trim whitespace when determining the selected value of pulldown (binarylogic)
  • Make default settings publicly available (lawrencepit)
  • Allow ajax calls other than ‘html’, e.g. json and script calls. (lawrencepit)
  • Do not follow links if they are editable (Darwin)
  • make JSLInt happy (olleolleolle)


  • Full control over jQuery AJAX options for those who want to tinker.
  • Fix problem with IE and placeholder with HTML tags.
  • Add $.editable(‘disable’), $.editable(‘enable’) and $.editable(‘destroy’)
  • Add onedit, onsubmit, onreset and onerror hooks.
  • Allow passing select options as JavaScript object.
  • Fix IE throwing error with textareas when width or height was set to ‘none’.


  • Fix problems when xhtml is served application/xhtml+xml.


  • Submit method can now be POST (default) or PUT.
  • Fix form being submitted twice in some cases.


  • Onblur parameter can now be a function.
  • Support for any arbitary event for triggering Jeditable
  • Submitting of form will be canceled if submit() method of custom input returns false.
  • Custom inputs now have access to reset() method.