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A simple way to create, edit and save files and parent directories
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A simple way to create, edit and save files and directories.

What does it do?

Ever wanted to save a file and create its parent directories at the same time?

Well, now you can!

Here are some examples:

  • New directory and file...
:new new_directory/new_file.txt

# new_directory/ is now created
# Write some stuff to new_file.txt

  • Create child directories inside...
:e existing_directory/new_directory/new_file.txt
  • Works with horizontal and vertical splits...
:sp new/directory/file.txt

:vsp another/new/directory/file.txt


I highly recommend checking out Vundle or Pathogen for managing plugins.

# ~/.vimrc

Plugin 'duggiefresh/vim-easydir'

# Then run ':PluginInstall'
$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone
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