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only enough of SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 to use the built-in OpenSSH (e.g. ssh
-D <local_port> <gateway>), or Tor local SOCKS proxy with Linux (gmake
-f GNUMakefile) or *BSD systems (including MacOS X - just use

set LD_PRELOAD/DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES to load this library to wrap a
client app, or use the dsocks{-torify}.sh scripts. this only works for
dynamically-linked binaries. to prevent DNS leaks while using Tor with
statically-linked binaries, use the script.

useful environment variables:

DSOCKS_VERSION		SOCKS protocol to use - "4", "5", or "Tor".
			defaults to "4".

DSOCKS_PROXY		proxy server specified as "ip", or "ip:port".
			defaults to "".

the following optional variables may be used to intercept DNS requests
to tunnel via TCP to an internal nameserver:

DSOCKS_NAMESERVER	internal nameserver to tunnel requests to, 
			specified as "ip", or "ip:port".

LOCALDOMAIN		resolver(3) search path override.

pre-OpenBSD 3.4-current needs r1.69 of src/libexec/ to work
(set environ before calling constructors). requires dpkt: