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Building pypcap requires the following:
- libpcap/winpcap with development headers
- a working C compiler + make
- pyrex
Generic build instructions
Unpack the sources. Enter the source directory and type:
$ make
$ make install
This will do the trick in most cases. If not, read on...
Testing the installation
Fire up the Python shell and type:
>>> import pcap
>>> pcap.pcap().next()
As soon as a packet appears on the first (default) interface, a line similar
to the following one will appear:
(1278540477.9454119, <read-only buffer ptr 0xb6a79046, size 178 at 0xb755b5c0>)
Congratulations! You now have a working pypcap installation.
Building under Linux
You need to have the following packages installed (package names come from
Ubuntu/Debian; other distros use different conventions):
- build-essential (compiler+make)
- libpcap0.8 and libpcap0.8-dev
- python-pyrex
Use the following commands to build and install pypcap:
$ make
$ sudo make install
Building under Windows
The easiest way to build the module under Windows is with the MinGW compiler.
To build, install the following:
- Pyrex from
- MinGW from
- WinPcap Developer's Pack from
Afterwards, edit (create if doesn't exist) the following file:
and insert the following section:
compiler = mingw32
Unpack the module sources to c:\pypcap, and developer's pack to c:\wpdpack.
Edit the pypcap Makefile; uncomment the following line:
CONFIG_ARGS = --with-pcap=..\\wpdpack
and change the line:
pyrexc pcap.pyx
to read:
$(PYTHON) c:\Python26\Scripts\ pcap.pyx
Afterwards, fire up the command line, navigate to the sources dir, and type:
C:\pypcap> set PATH=%PATH%;c:\MinGW\bin;c:\Python26
C:\pypcap> mingw32-make
C:\pypcap> mingw32-make install
Pypcap should get installed to c:\Python26\lib\site-packages\pcap.pyd.
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ will need to build against a libpcap build directory. Modify the
CONFIG_ARGS in the Makefile to point to the location of your built
libpcap distribution, and try again.
See INSTALL file for more detailed build instructions.

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