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GitHub release

Some handy tools for Mac OS X Terminal.

This project is heavily inspired by the project Mac-CLI but without much installation.

The project name is suggested by Mario


git clone

Add the alias to the terminal profile:

alias mac="/path/to/macman/macman"

And you are done!


Get help!

mac list
# or
mac help

Shutdown your machine

mac shutdown

Available Functions - 159 and counting...

General (39)

Command Parameters Description
list or help List all the available commands.
helper or h Get help for help functions.
gen Get help for General functions.
git or g Get help for Git related functions.
fun or f Get help for Functors related functions.
com or c Get help for Compressor related functions.
term or t Get help for Terminal Multiplexer related functions.
dl or d Get help for Deep Learning tips.
docker or dc Get help for Docker related functions.
info Get OS X version information.
lock Lock your mac.
sleep Put your Mac into sleep mode
restart Restart your mac.
shutdown Shutdown your mac.
uptime Get the time since last restart.
mem Get the memory status.
speed Network speed test with npm's fast-cli package.
ports List all used ports.
ip.loc Get local IP address. Get public IP address.
clock Show a clock at the top right of your terminal.
battery Show battery status.
fd.size Show the folder size.
fd.hid List only hidden files in the folder.
hid.on Show hidden files in Finder. Hide hidden files in Finder.
bt.stat Show the Bluetooth status.
bt.on Turn the Bluetooth ON. Tern the Bluetooth OFF.
wifi.stat Show the status of WiFi.
wifi.scan Scan the available WiFi
wifi.on Turn the WiFi service ON. Turn the WiFi service OFF.
wifi.pass Get WiFi password.
vpn.start vpn name Start a VPN by name or by default configuration.
vpn.stop Stop a VPN. List all available VPNs.
ejectall Eject all mounted volumes.
md5 file Calculate MD5 for a file.

Git (38)

Command Parameters Description
g.init Init a Git repository locally.
g.clone repo link Clone a project through URL.
g.log (OPT) file Get the log for the file or the repo.
g.stat Get the status of the repo. or go Open the Git repo from URL.
g.size Calculate the size of Git repo. URL Add an pull/pull origin.
g.conf List the Git repo configuration.
g.undo (OPT) commit num Undo last commit(s), get commit number from g.log.
g.add file Stage a file.
g.add.all Stage all the changes.
g.commit msg Commit the changes. file msg Stage a file and commit.
g.aca msg Stage all changes and commit.
g.acp file msg Stage file, commit and push.
g.acap msg Stage all changes, commit and push. file1 file2 Move file to new destination.
g.rm file Remove file.
g.wipe (OPT) msg Wipe all history and keep current stauts.
g.clean [Y/y] Clean untracked files in .gitignore.
g.push Push current branch.
g.pull Pull current branch.
g.merge branch Merge a specific branch.
g.rebase Git rebase. branch Create a new branch. remote branch Clone a remote branch. branch Checkout a existing branch. remote branch Checkout a remote branch. List all the branch. branch Remove a local branch. branch Remove a branch from local and remote.
g.stash Make a stash, stay away from dirty work tree.
g.unstash Get out from stash (EVERY CHANGES IN THERE COUNTS)
g.lfs.init Initial LFS storage. file LFS track files.
g.lfs.untk file LFS untrack files. List all tracked files.
glfs.conf Get the environmetn variables for the LFS.

Functors (24)

Command Parameters Description
pdf.html file Convert a PDF to HTML via pdf2htmlEX.
wttr Show the weather for a city.
top10 Show the top 10 used shell commands.
starwar Text based Starwar IV.
cal Get 5 days agenda.
cal.week Get this week's detail calendar.
cal.mon Get this month's detail calendar.
cal.add xx:xx msg Add a quick event.
say msg Text to speech.
mail Open GMail.
compose Compose new email through GMail.
maps query Search a Google Maps query.
compute A calculator.
define word Define word with Dictionary app. or olgo Open a Overleaf Project.
pymake Add one template Python Makefile in current folder
imshow image Show image in terminal via iTerm2.
cat Show a random cat GIF via iTerm2.
ascii Print ASCII table.
ag ag opts Code search with ag.
vim Open online VIM cheatsheet.
share Setup a HTTP server for sharing files.
waka Open Waka tracker from terminal.
md filename Edit Markdown documents with MacDown.

Compressor (6)

Command Parameters Description
lszip file List file in a ZIP archive.
zip file or folder Zip a file or folder.
unzip file (OPT) folder Unzip a file to a folder.
lstar file List file in a tar archive.
tar file or folder Tar a file or folder.
untar file (OPT) folder Untar a file to a folder.

Terminal Multiplexer (34)

Command Parameters Description (OPT) name Create a new screen session. name Reattach a screen session. name Detach a screen session. List all available screen session(s).
s.rm name Remove a screen session.
s.rm.all Remove all available screen session(s).
s.div.h Split region horizontally.
s.div.v Split region vertically.
s.go.left or sl Go left region.
s.go.right or sr Go right region.
s.go.up or su Go above region.
s.go.down or sd Go below region.
spx Kill current region. or srl (OPT) +space Expand region horizontally or srr (OPT) -space Shrink region horizontally or sru (OPT) +space Expand region vertically or srd (OPT) -space Shrink region vertically (OPT) name Create a new tmux session. name Detach a tmux session. Detach current tmux session.
t.rm name Remove a tmux session.
t.rm.all Remove all tmux session(s). List all available tmux session(s).
t.div.h Split pane horizontally.
t.div.v Split pane vertically.
t.go.left or tl Go left pane.
t.go.right or tr Go right pane.
t.go.up or tu Go above pane.
t.go.down or td Go below pane.
tpx Kill current pane. or trl (OPT) space Expand current pane to left. or trr (OPT) space Expand current pane to right. or tru (OPT) space Expand current pane to up. or trd (OPT) space Expand current pane to down.

Deep Learning Tips (6)

Command Parameters Description
k.doc Open Keras Documentation.
k.doc.model Open Keras Model documentation.
k.doc.preproc Open Keras Preprocessing documentation.
k.doc.layers Open Keras Layers documentation.
k.doc.train Open Keras Training documentation.
k.doc.utils Open Keras Utils documentation.

Docker (12)

Command Parameters Description docker args Build and image from a docker file (build) List running containers (ps) List all containers (ps -a) List all images (images)
d.start container name Start a container (start)
d.kill container name Kill a running container (kill)
d.rm.img image name Remove a docker image (rmi)
d.rm.con container name Remove a docker container (rm)
d.pull repo address Pull a docker image from remote (pull)
d.push docker args Push a docker image to remote (push) img-name``container name Run a container from image with name (run) docker args Run a container from image (run)

Tools for Extra Functions

Network speed test

This function is provided by npm's fast-cli package, can be installed by

npm install fast-cli

Git related

One could install Git from popular packaging management systems or visit Git-website.


One could install Git LFS from Git LFS


pdf2htmlEX is one awesome tool for converting from PDF to HTML

Google Calendar

You can install Google Calendar Commandline tool by

pip install gcalcli

and then install optional package by

pip install vobject parsedatetime

Open Overleaf from cloned project

The git URL that is given by Overleaf cannot be opened. Therefore, one can use to open the corresponding project from terminal.


One can start VPN service by specifying predefined VPN port. If you don't want to key in the name of the VPN port repeatedly, one can create a file under res folder and write following script:



Then you should be able to start or stop this VPN service without the parameter.

Show image in terminal

If you are using iTerm2, then you can show image in terminal via imgcat.

Note this function only works with iTerm2

Download imgcat and place at res folder. Then do

chmod +x imgcat

And then you can use this function.

Terminal Multiplexer

Mac has a older version of screen, you can update by installing newer build from homebrew.

You can install tmux through MacPorts, and the you can use a richer set of commands to manage your terminal.


An interactive memory displayer. Can be installed by

brew install htop


You can edit markdown with MacDown. After you installed it, add shell utility from preferences.


Yuhuang Hu