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0. Preconditions

  • see
  • cp magento-docker/bundles/typical.yml magento-docker/docker-compose.yml
  • cp magento-docker/.env.dist magento-docker/.env


1. Run tests

  1. docker-compose exec app magento prepare_tests
  2. docker-compose exec app bin/magento dev:tests:run (unit, integration)
  3. docker-compose exec app bash
  4. cd dev/tests/acceptance/ and vendor/bin/codecept run (mftf)
  5. cd dev/tests/functional/ and vendor/bin/phpunit run (mtf)
  6. vnc://localhost:5900 pass:secret (mftf or mtf)

2. Xdebug

  1. Uncomment the line in the docker-compose.yml which is the debugger

3. (Re)-Installation M2

  1. docker-compose exec app magento reinstall (ee|ce|b2b)

4. Optimization host

  1. Redis optimization
    docker run -it --rm --privileged ubuntu /bin/bash
    echo never | tee /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled
    echo never | tee /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/defrag
  2. Optimization for MacOS

TODO list

  1. To create a cross platform installer that will check for dependencies, create a folder with the project and download the Magento (see
  2. The default creation of the project for phpstorm (see etc/phpstorm)
  3. A single point of running tests with the preparation (magento prepare_tests) of Magento
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