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#civil-engineering-toolbox civil-engineering-toolbox is collection of small programs of civil engineering that I built to help me to solve small to medium and common problems when designing something. When I try to create programs for practical use, sometimes I will add programs that is pure-theory (mathematics) when I'm interested on it.

It is web based application that can be opened in your own browser (offline) or can be accessed from other computer if you are connected to LAN (Local Area Network). This software can be used as a problem-solver, reminder (through the shown formula), or just to give quick estimation.


  • Structure
    • Steel Section Table (IWF, Angle)
    • Concrete Two Way Slab
    • Concrete Flexural Analysis
    • Response Spectrum
  • Geotechnic
    • Surcharge Point Load
    • Surcharge Strip Load
  • Math
    • Unit Converter (Pressure, Force, Distance)

#Documentation You can see the documentation (theories) in releases page. Although the documentation has not completed yet, at least you know what calculation is being performed behind the scene.

#Contribute You can contribute to make this software better, even if you know nothing about programming. Your contribution include:

#Request for an Application If you want to request application, you can create a new issue and describe your application. You can send link or reference to the description, algorithm, picture, code, and sample calculation of requested application so I can review it first before creating it. Application must be as general as possible and be used by most of civil engineers.

#Installation I'm sorry that there are many steps to go through before you can use this software. civil-engineering-toolbox depends on some software, especially for interpreter, web server and templating. If you are using Windows 7, open all of these files as Administrator (right click then choose Run as Administrator) in case your computer doesn't allow installing program using non-privileged user.

Windows 32-bit

  • Download Python 2.7.10 or above.
  • Install Python language above. When installing the software, on customization option, ensure that you check item "Add python.exe to Path" to "Will be installed on local hard drive" (see image below). If you do not enable this option, you will not be able to complete the next step.

* Download **civil-engineering-toolbox** ( * Extract and unzip it into one of your directory. * Double click `install_windows.cmd`. This script will install required software to run civil-engineering-toolbox. Right click and `Run as administrator` if possible. This process will require internet connection. * Ensure that there are no errors during installation. * Double click ``. A black window will be opened and hang in there as an indication that your program is started correctly. * Open your browser to access * Happy designing :)

Windows 64-bit

I'm sorry but it seems that CherryPy installer can not detect Python 64 bit on Windows. So, for you who use Windows 64 bit, you can still install using installation guide for 32 bit above.


Due to many variant of Linux distribution, here I will summarize steps to install civil-engineering-toolbox. I believe that you had already able to use your software manager, either by GUI (graphical user interface) or command line from terminal. If your repository doesn't have package below, you can download them manually, extract them, and then install it by invoking python install from command line in that extracted directory. Ensure you have installed Python setuptools before using the command.

#Access From Network (LAN or Internet) This software can be run in a computer and act as a server to give services to client that are connected to the same network with the server. In other words, many computer can use the same software that are run only in one computer. Here are some rough steps to do that:

  • Ensure you have installed civil-engineering-toolbox and can be accessed via browser in that computer.
  • Write down your IP_ADDRESS in that computer (that will act as server). Ask your network administrator how to get the IP_ADDRESS. Please note that in order to use the same URL over and over, you must use static IP_ADDRESS, instead of dynamic using DHCP. Ask your network administrator if you don't know how to do that.
  • civil-engineering-toolbox can be accessed via browser in another computer using that IP_ADDRESS, for example http://IP_ADDRESS:1234

#License This software is using BSD 3-clause license. In other words, you can use, distribute, even sell it without any restriction. But, you must include the copyright notice, the license, and the following disclaimer.