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Getting started with HttPlaceholder

On this page, a very simple sample of HttPlaceholder is shown. If you want to try some more sophisticated samples, go to the page Samples.

Simple HTTP GET example

Create a new file, called stubs.yml and add the following contents:

- id: situation-01
    method: GET
      path: /users
        id: 12
        filter: first_name
    statusCode: 200
    text: |
        "first_name": "John"
      Content-Type: application/json

Start HttPlaceholder with the following arguments from the terminal:

httplaceholder --inputFile C:\path\to\stubs.yml

Otherwise, run the following command if you're already in the correct folder in your terminal:


Both commands will start HttPlaceholder with the .yml file loaded.

If you then go to http://localhost:5000/users?id=12&filter=first_name, you'll get the response as defined in the .yml file. The HTTP port defined in the URL can be configured using command line arguments (for more information about the command line arguments, read more here).

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