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This page contains links to several example .yml files to try for yourself. You can download the corresponding PostMan collection here.

How to run the samples

To load all stubs, just run this command:

httplaceholder --inputFile C:\path\to\samples\dir

To load just one stub, just run this command:

httplaceholder --inputFile C:\path\to\samples\dir\01-get.yml

Links to samples

  • HTTP GET examples: .yml
  • HTTP POST examples: .yml
  • XML Xpath examples: .yml
  • JSON examples: .yml
  • JSONPath examples: .yml
  • File examples: .yml
  • Basic authentication examples: .yml
  • Slow response examples: .yml
  • Simple website examle: .yml
  • Temporary and permanent redirects: .yml
  • Validation on client IP: .yml
  • Check on hostname: .yml
  • Check HTTP(S): .yml
  • Priority: .yml
  • Form values: .yml
  • Reverse proxy: .yml
  • Enforce line endings: .yml
  • Enable / disable stub: .yml
  • Set response content type: .yml
  • Stub images: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - query strings: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - UUIDs: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - request headers: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - form post: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - request body: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - display URL: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - client IP: .yml
  • Dynamic mode - current local or UTC date and time: .yml