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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Aug 15, 2021

  • Updated JSONPath condition checker so query and expected value can be split in 2 separate declarations (#153).
  • Updated NuGet packages.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Jun 13, 2021

  • Added feature for deleting single request.
  • #147 Fix in database schema.
  • #142 Added possibility for enabling health check on root URL.
  • Several UI refactorings.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this May 16, 2021

  • Added completely new .NET client for HttPlaceholder API.
  • Don't log warnings which aren't actually warnings.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this May 1, 2021

  • Added "json" (not JSONPath) condition checker.
  • Added integration tests with Postman.
  • Added stub validation for stubs added as .yaml files or through API.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Apr 11, 2021

  • Implemented several performance improvements.
    • If a condition checker fails for a stub, do not execute the other condition checkers.
    • Order condition checkers by priority. The quickest condition checkers are executed before the more complex ones.
  • Added caching mechanism for use together with a relational database (MySQL, SQLite or MS SQL Server). The caching is implemented in such a way that whenever you run multiple instances of HttPlaceholder and you update stubs on one instance, the cache on the other instaces will also be invalidated so you don't have stale caches in the other instances.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Mar 28, 2021

  • Fixed multiple issues in UI.
  • Fixed bug in generating stub based on request in BasicAuthenticationHandler.
  • Made it possible to run HttPlaceholder on multiple HTTP(S) ports.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Mar 13, 2021

  • Upgraded NuGet packages.
  • Fixed "feature" where stub with old ID was deleted when the ID of the stub was changed.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Dec 30, 2020

  • Added response writer for creating stub images.
  • Added response writer for content type.
  • Updated Docker image so it has a default value for "inputFile"
  • Added possibility for disabling stub.
  • Added some text that will be shown when HTTP 501 is returned if no stub was found.
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Dec 22, 2020

  • Deleted full stub form and added form helper to the stub YAML form (#57).
  • Added possibility to enforce Windows or Unix line endings (#55).
  • Fixed bug where finding a file would not work if multiple stub paths are provided (#50).
  • Use "," for separator for "inputFile" (#53).
  • Made configJsonLocation case insensitive (#47).
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Dec 11, 2020

Fixed the previous bugged release. For some reason, the build succeeded, but the dotnet publish command resulted in an error. I've added additional error handling and fixed the actual build, so it (hopefully) never happens again.

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