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  • Added the possibility to store your stubs and requests in a MySQL, SQLite or Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Added a way to make responses more dynamic by adding the possibility to use variable handlers (see
  • Added --configJsonLocation parameter for specifying the location to the config.json file yourself.
  • Made HttPlaceholder cross-platform (it now runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS).
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@dukeofharen dukeofharen released this Feb 2, 2019

  • Updated scripts to also build binaries for cross platform usage.
  • Added storage provider for SQLite.
  • Added storage provider for Microsoft SQL Server.
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  • Added light and dark theme
  • Added fancier confirm dialogs
  • Added button for downloading stubs as .yml file
  • Add / update stub when pressing Ctrl + S
  • Fix problem with metadata in stub model
  • Added possibility of deleting all stubs (from writable stub source) from within UI
  • Don't show logout button if authentication is not required.
  • Updated Ducode.Essentials references to NuGet packages.
  • Added logout functionality.
  • Added another separation character for multiple input files
  • Added "Delete stub" button to UI
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