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Simple Haxe native extension Steam API wrapper. This code shipped in Papers, Please but I can't guarantee robustness. In particular, the stats stuff isn't used much and is not well-tested. Only built against Windows and OSX so far.

Some basic instructions for building a native extension are here: http://www.joshuagranick.com/blog/?p=566

To build steamwrap.ndll:

  1. Copy the hxcpp headers:

    HAXEDIR/lib/hxcpp/VERSION/include/hx/*.h -> native/include/hx/*.h
  2. Copy the Steam SDK headers and libs:

    STEAMSDK/public/steam/*.h -> native/include/steam/*.h
    STEAMSDK/public/redistributable_bin/steam_api.dll -> native/include/lib/
    STEAMSDK/public/redistributable_bin/steam_api.lib -> native/include/lib/
    STEAMSDK/public/redistributable_bin/osx32/libsteam_api.dylib -> native/include/lib/
  3. Edit steamwrap/Test.hx to include your Steam App Id

  4. Run the "build" script (it's a basic haxelib command shortcut). steamwrap.ndll will be output to ndll/[PLATFORM]

  5. Put some files in the built dir (Mac):

    STEAMSDK/public/redistributable_bin/steam_api.lib -> ndll/Mac/
  6. Start Steam and run ndll/Mac/Test to confirm that it connects.

To include steamwrap.ndll in your OpenFL project:

  1. Build the ndll first as above. (Assuming it goes into a subdirectory of your project named "SteamWrap")

  2. Add include rules to copy steam libs as assets. This is the Project.hx code; if you're using project.xml, create nodes with the same info and conditions.

    if (target == Platform.MAC)
    	// @@ hack to get dylib copied over
        	assets.push(new Asset("SteamWrap/ndll/steam_appid.txt", "../MacOS/steam_appid.txt", AssetType.BINARY));
        	assets.push(new Asset("SteamWrap/ndll/Mac/libsteam_api.dylib", "../MacOS/libsteam_api.dylib", AssetType.BINARY));
    else if (target == Platform.WINDOWS)
        	// @@ hack to get dll copied over
        	assets.push(new Asset("SteamWrap/ndll/steam_appid.txt", "steam_appid.txt", AssetType.BINARY));
        	assets.push(new Asset("SteamWrap/native/lib/steam_api.dll", "steam_api.dll", AssetType.BINARY));

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't ship your game with steam_appid.txt. Make sure it's stripped during the publishing stage.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Add the extension to your project.xml:

    <extension name="steamwrap" path="./SteamWrap" /> (or possibly <extension path="./SteamWrap/include.nmml" />)


See steamwrap/Test.hx for a basic example.