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A cookiecutter template for Django 1.10 / Python 3 only, that is really optimized for running on twelve-factor-app platforms (like Heroku or DigitalOcean).

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I tried to be minimalistic, I mean no choice has been made concerning :

  • the css library, specify which one you want in the bower.json file
  • external django apps, I don't see the point to choose this for you ;)

In fact the only choice made here is deploying on a Twelve-Factor App Platform.


This cookiecutter template uses features that exists only in cookiecutter 0.9.0 or higher.


  • Python 3 only, sorry guys but I had to move on...
  • For Django 1.10
  • Heroku optimized stack
  • Gulp tasks to build the static files and support livereload
  • Static served by whitenoise from the django app (advice to setup a cache instance above like CloudFlare)
  • Instructions on how to configure the Amazon S3 bucket
  • Instructions on how to deploy the app in less than 5 minutes


Why using waitress as the production server

Gunicorn is actually designed to be used behing a buffering reverse proxy (e.g. nginx). In other words, without this buffering reverse proxy you expose your production server to a slow network attacks. If you want to dig on this particular topic, read the great article of @etianen Don't use Gunicorn to host your Django sites on Heroku


First, get cookiecutter.

$ pip install cookiecutter

Now run it against this repo.

$ cookiecutter

You'll be prompted for some questions, answer them, then it will create a Django project for you.

Static handling

Live reloading and Sass CSS compilation

You can take advantage of live reloading and Sass / Compass CSS compilation with the included Gulp tasks.

Make sure that nodejs is installed. Then in the project root run :

$ npm install

Now you just need :

$ gulp launch

Now your turn !


A cookiecutter template for creating Django 1.7+ / Python 3 projects quickly, thought optimized for Heroku in the meantime.





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