Accounting pluggable app for Django 1.7+ projects
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In the beginning God created man, and the costs followed afterwards.

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Check the associated project Accountant, a concrete integration of the django-accounting application that you can deploy with one click to Heroku.


Features supported

with inspiration from already existing very good services (Xero, Freshbooks, etc)

Those crossed are not yet supported


  • Estimating generate estimates that can lead to an invoice or not
  • Invoicing generate invoices
  • Billing share the maximum of logic with the invoicing system
  • Payments to track partial/complete payments of invoices and bills
  • ExpenseClaim for employees of organizations that used their personnal accounts
  • Dashboard / Current balance displayed the current balance
  • Dashboard / Overdued invoices & bills to track what's late


  • Creation/Update
  • [STRIKEOUT:Deletion inform the user of the cascade deletion of invoices and bills]
  • Professional address specify the address on the client model
  • Linked to organization to implicitly create the bill when cross-invoicing between organizations


  • Profit and Loss to know how much you've collected, and how much you've spent
  • Tax Report to know how much you need to keep for taxes declarations
  • Payroll Report to know how much you need to keep for payroll taxes
  • Invoice details Report to understand the calculations that lead to the tax report and the payroll report
  • [STRIKEOUT:Expense claims Report to compute what the company owes to whom quickly]



Accounting is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.