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C++ code to compute inclusive gluon fusion cross sections for Higgs production at the LHC
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iHixs 2 - Inclusive Higgs Cross Sections

Inclusive Higgs cross sections. Download

General information

iHixs is a C++ code for computing inclusive Higgs boson production cross sections in gluon fusion.

If you use this code in your publication, please cite arXiv:1802.00827.


  1. LHAPDF version 6.*
  2. Boost 1.6 or higher (headers only)
  3. Cuba 4.2 : a multidimensional numerical integration library

iHixs has been succesfully built with gcc 4.8 and higher, on Linux and Mac OS X systems. With respect to C++ standards, C++11 compliance is required.

note: LHAPDF and Cuba should have been installed on the system with the same compiler as used for ihixs. This is a common source of linking problems on Mac OS, where the native compiler is CLANG LLVM.


You can obtain iHixs from the releases on the github repository,

or by cloning the repository directly:

git clone


Clone the repository or download the release tarball and unzip. Then change create a build subdirectory in the resulting ihixs source directory and run cmake.

cd <ihixs_src_dir>
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

If the dependencies cannot be found automatically run cmake instead as follows

cmake -DLHAPDF_DIR=<lhapdf_main_dir> -DCUBA_DIR_USER=<cuba_dir> -DBOOST_DIR_USER=<boost_dir> ..

If you need to determine a specific set of compilers

      CXX=mygcc CC=mygcc cmake -DLHAPDF_DIR=<lhapdf_main_dir> -DCUBA_DIR_USER=<cuba_dir> -DBOOST_DIR_USER=<boost_dir> ..


The input is controlled by a runcard. An example runcard is available at default.card

    ./ihixs -i myruncard

Available options that can be specified in the runcard can be seen by

    ./ihixs --help

Options can also be set through command line, the gnu way, e.g.

    ./ihixs -i myruncard --mur=63.5

Some of the options have shorthands. For example

    --input_filename myruncard

is equivalent to

    -i myruncard

To see for which options have available shorthands, type

    ./ihixs --help 

and check whether an option has a shorthand after its name, for example

    output_filename [o] 

means that the option output_filename has the shorthand 'o'

Running the tests

  • How to run tests : there are several tests integrated in the distribution, within the google test framework ( You can run them by typing (from the build)
    src/tests/<name of test> 
    where is any of the binaries in the src/test/ directory. For example
    runs several tests related to the higgs eft amplitudes.


  • Achilleas Lazopoulos
  • Bernhard Mistlberger
  • Falko Dulat

Made with 🎓 in Geneva, Menlo Park and Zurich.

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