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Describing your experience and projects

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Experiencing it

This is usually the second section on the first page, unless you have lots of experience. If you don't have much experience to talk about, you can emphasise project work, both inside and outside of education including voluntary work

  1. DETAIL IT Make sure the duration, company name and location of any experience you have is described. If you have lots of experience and projects, choose the ones that are most relevant to the job you are applying for
  2. EXPERIENCE IT Don't have any experience? Voluntary work is a good way to pick some experience up. It is never too late to volunteer or become a student ambassador Volunteering doesn't have to involve computing
  3. EXPLAIN IT Saying “first year team project” won't mean much to people outside the Kilburn building. What did you build and why? What does the application do? What was your role in the team? How many team members and for how long did you work on this project?
  4. TINKER WITH IT? Include projects you've worked in your own time, have you ever built anything in your spare time? What about that Raspberry Pi / Arduino home automation project? If you've contributed to any open source software projects, you should DEFINITELY mention them. It doesn't have to be just code, it could be testing, bug reports, documentation, asking/answering questions (e.g. on stackoverflow etc) either, anything that demonstrates soft skills is worth mentioning. Include voluntary work (as well as paid work), e.g. Teacher, PASS leader, Student Ambassador, etc
  5. BROADEN IT Include non-technical positions you have held. They demonstrate your wider set of skills beyond being a computer scientist. Don't assume they are irrelevant because they aren't technical. Even casual unskilled labour demonstrates your ability to work under pressure be customer focussed.
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