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Structuring it

The order and structure of your CV is as important as the content and styling

  1. PRIORITISE IT The first page should usually be Education and Experience (usually in that order), second page page all the other stuff. Order with the most important (or recent) things first. It is debateable if your personal details should go front and top. Is your postal address REALLY the most important thing about you? Does it deserve prime space at the top of your CV? Many people put personal details at the end - often just email and telephone no. for first contact. If a company really needs to post you something, they can contact you by phone or email to get your snail mail address.
  2. REVERSE IT Reverse chronological order is normal, (most recent first) and it is often the easiest way to structure your CV. Within each section, order likewise, most important (or relevant) work experience goes at the top of that section and so on
  3. BULLET IT Tempted to use prose to structure and describe what you've done? Generally speaking, this is a bad idea. Since your CV will be quickly scanned (in seconds not minutes) most readers won't have time to dig into long sections of prose. Bullets are much easier to scan, you can give the employer all the details they want at the interview.
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