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CSS3 VHS Glitch Effect

The Demo

Alt text

Only works with Chrome. Oh and you need a fast machine. Using CSS filters and animations, no JavaScript.



How does it work?

The main thing is dividing the image into 200 lines. This is achieved by having 200 elements with the image as the background placed above each other and then clipping each with clip-path to only show a line, basically. These elements are then animated to move back and forth, with each having a slight delay. Pair this with a custom timing function with cubic-bezier to get only a small portion of the lines moving at a given time.

This is then blurred and placed on top of the original image.

The rest is basically just simple keyframe animations that move the image slightly and apply various filters. Especially hue-rotate and grayscale are useful here.

How to compile

Install all the dependencies with npm install and then compile using gulp.

Files and folders

The demo folder contains the minified css file and vhs.html where the stylesheet is embedded.