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Add Leaflet-Draw support to an Ember App
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Provides feature drawing functionality for Ember-Leaflet, an Ember Addon for Leaflet interactive maps.

This plugin is based on the JS library Leaflet Draw and basically wraps it into ember component. It can also be used solely to handle all the dependencies and build process (if you want to control Leaflet Draw library on your own).


View the Demo for working examples.


  • ember install ember-leaflet-draw-controls

Using the Addon

For greater detail, view the Documentation with working examples.

Basic Use

For basic use, drop the {{draw-control}} inside {{leaflet-map}}

{{#leaflet-map lat=lat lng=lng zoom=zoom as |layers|}}
  {{layers.tile url="http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png"}}
  {{draw-control}} // Basic usage, accepting all default options

Configuring with the available options

This component wraps the Leaflet Draw library and exposes the same options (position, draw, and edit), along with three additional options (enableEditing, enableDeleting & showDrawingLayer). Support for the passthrough edit option from Leaflet Draw may be implemented in the near future.

Notice: option default values changed with release 0.7.0

Option Default Notes
draw DrawOptions [Object] See the Leaflet Draw docs for DrawOptions
edit EditPolyOptions [Object] See the Leaflet Draw docs for EditPolyOptions
position "topleft" See the Leaflet docs for Control Positions
enableEditing true If true, the editing toolbar item will be added and you can edit features after they have been created. This works in conjunction with showDrawingLayer, relying on having a FeatureGroup of drawn featured to edit. It can't be used if showDrawingLayer is false
enableDeleting true If true, the deleting toolbar item will be added and you can delete features after they have been created. This works in conjunction with showDrawingLayer, relying on having a FeatureGroup of drawn featured to edit. It can't be used if showDrawingLayer is false
showDrawingLayer true If true, a FeatureGroup will be added to the map to hold features created with drawing tool
// Example changing the position option, to display the control in the top right
{{draw-control position="topright"}}

Current workaround if you need to be able to edit existing "marker" locations...

You can currently edit the position of a {{marker-layer}} within Ember-Leaflet by setting the draggable option to true and using the onDragend action to capture the markers new location (see example below).

// Tempalte.hbs
{{marker-layer lng=model.lng draggable=true onDragend=(action "updateLocation" model)}}

// Controller.js/Component.js
  actions: {
      updateLocation(model, event) {
        let location =;
        Ember.setProperties(model, {
          lng: location.lng

Working with Events/Actions

The events (draw:edited, draw:editmove, draw:editstart, etc. ) have been exposed to the component as actions. The action name follows the same meaning as the original events, but cleans them up a bit (mainly dropping the colon).

A few examples of the new format are:

  • draw:edited sends an action named onDrawEdited

  • draw:editmove sends an action named onDrawEditmove

  • draw:edited sends an action named onDrawEditstart

  • They all follow this pattern 'onDraw' + '{F}istletterofremainingstring'

Refer to the full list of the Events (they have different return values... Layer/LayerGroup/String, look there to know what you will be working with). For additional features of the underlying Leaflet Draw library, checkout the Leaflet Draw API Documentation.

Working directly with the L.Draw and L.DrawToolBar objects

Installing this plugin will pull in all the dependencies necessary to begin using Leaflet Draw, by extending leaflet. If you want total control to do your own thing, this may be all you need to easily bring in all dependencies and ensure everything is wired. You have access to L.Draw and L.DrawToolbar to do you own thing (for more advanced use cases).

Production Builds

In your ember-cli-build.js add the following snippet:

  var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
    // Add options here
    fingerprint: {
      exclude: [
        // You should already have these from using Ember-Leaflet (Leaflet)
        // These are additional images used by Ember-Leaflet-Draw (Leaflet.draw)

Ember-Cli does fingerprinting (appending an md5 checksum to the end of every file) for production builds by default ( Exclude the assets you need so that your production build produces them correctly.

Running the Dummy App

Running Tests

  • npm test (Runs ember try:each to test your addon against multiple Ember versions)
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit

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