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A dom-repeat that supports multiple template definitions
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You can use dynamic-repeat exactly the same way you'd use dom-repeat, but with several differences. You can pass multiple templates into dynamic-repeat and, based on the precedence, the correct template will be chosen to render each item. The items array should be an array of objects containing the properties prop and type. If a template is found for prop, that is used. It then checks type, and finally checks for a default template. Mark templates with the for attribute.

window.onload = () => {
    dynamicRepeat.items = [{
value: "",
       prop: "email",
       type: "string",
    }, {
value: "Female",
           prop: "gender",
           type: "string",
    }, {
value: "!QAZ2wsx#EDC4rfv",
           prop: "password",
           type: "encrypted",
    }, {
value: "29",
           prop: "age",
           type: "number",

<dynamic-repeat id="dynamicRepeat">
    <template for="email">mailto: [[item.value]]</template>
    <template for="string">"[[item.value]]"</template>
    <template for="encrypted">****</template>
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