A simple java API for converting various physical units. Suitable for J2ME devices, too, but then add the source java files to the j2me package, as the class files are build with jdk 1.6
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Conversion between 80 units in 11 unit groups.

  • Temperature: C, K, F, Degree of Frost
  • Length: mm, cm, dm, m, km, mil, in, ft, yd, fm, ch, fur, mi, land, cable, nautical mile
  • Area: mm2, cm2, dc2, m2, a, daa, ha, km2, sq ft, sq yd, ac, sq mi
  • Volume: mL, L, mm3, cm3, dm3, m3, fl oz, gi, pt, qt, gal
  • Mass: mg, g, kg, t, gr, oz, lb, st, cwt, ton
  • Velocity: m/s, km/h, fps, mph, kn
  • Pressure: Pa, hPa, kPa, mbar, bar, mmHg, inHg, Atm, psi
  • Power: mW, W, kW, MW, HPS
  • Energy: Wh, kWh, J, cal
  • Linear density: DPI, DPCM
  • Angle: rad, deg

Sample usage

Converting units

Let's convert 3 fathoms into meters Unit.convert(Unit.FATHOM, 3, Unit.METER);

Note that converting units from two different group will produce invalid results.

Available unit groups are listed in UnitGroup.GROUPS. So to print the available unit groups you can do that:

	for (int i = 0; i < UnitGroup.GROUPS.length; i++) {

To print the available units in a group, e.g. temperature: Unit[] units = UnitGroup.GROUP_TEMPERATURE.units; for (int i = 0; i < units; i++) { System.out.println(units[i].name); }

Creating new units

Every unit is defined by a name and three coefficients: ratio, a and x. The model used for conversion is this: in_base_units = (ratio * in_current_units + a) * x in_current_units = (in_base_units - (a * x)) / (ratio * x)

As most units need only to be scaled by magintude, one can use the simpler model: in_base_units = ratio * in_current_units in_current_untis = in_base_units / ratio

So every unit is first converted to the base unit in the group and then again converted to the appropriate unit.

Creating a new unit makes sense only if it is defined in a group as each group needs one reference unit, i.e. base unit, to which all units are first converted. For instance the units in the Energy group use the Joule as a base unit. Therefore, they are defined as this:

	Unit WATT_HOUR = new Unit("Watt hour (W h)", 3600); 			// 1W = 3600J
	Unit KILOWATT_HOUR = new Unit("Kilowatt hour (kW h)", 3600000); // 1kW = 1000W = 1000 * 3600J
	Unit JOULE = new Unit("Joule (J)", 1); 							// 1J = 1J
	Unit CALORIE = new Unit("calorie (cal)", 4.1868); 				// 1cal = 4.1868J

Then we can neatly store the units in a group, like so: private static final Unit[] UNITS_ENERGY = {Unit.WATT_HOUR, Unit.KILOWATT_HOUR, Unit.JOULE, Unit.CALORIE }; public static final UnitGroup GROUP_ENERGY = new UnitGroup("Energy", UNITS_ENERGY);