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A brand new deeply ergonomic slim keyboard - HW & SW
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Lingo Splix Board

A brand new deeply ergonomic slim keyboard - HW & SW

left part with a cut


PCB left 201604212151


  1. Slim low-profile design
  2. Split into 2 halfs for outstanding ergonomy
  3. Portable - easily foldable
  4. USB connection - use it anywhere
  5. Modern look - please your heart
  6. Open Source - never be dependent




  • contact P. Jakoubek, D. Kolibáč, and L. Hejkal regarding the plastic parts of scissor switches (injection moulding into a steel/aluminium mold?)
  • choose a better fitting HW license (similar to MIT and CC BY-SA 4.0, but with a notion about HW patents in a way, that anyone using this or derived work can't be sued)
  • investigate double-trackpoint/point_stick placement - (un)mountable?, each half it's own and fixed?, 90°-rotated thumb micro-switches on the side?
  • marketing (Student Agency - no place for keyboard; ...)
  • add numeric keyboard to be successful on market


Links for inspiration

Wishlist features

  • selection from different variants (perhaps configurable)
    • Standard (full-featured big keyboard for power users)
    • Standard Wireless
    • Mini (cut-down version for portability and presentation)
    • Mini Wireless
  • both halfs
  • fixture/handle/hinge to fix both halfs together in a space-saving manner
  • backlit
  • backlight (adjustable)
  • anti-slippery stands (perhaps sucking disks)
  • maybe water-proof


  • Jiri Pacner (HW design)
  • Itchy (HW design feedback)
  • Pavel Pacner (3D models, media)
  • Jan Pacner (initial idea, initial design, SW)
  • You (you're more than welcome to join us!)


The following licenses apply if not stated otherwise:

  • The SW part is under MIT (see sw/LICENSE).
  • The HW part is under CC BY-SA 4.0 (see hw/LICENSE).
  • The rest is under CC BY-SA 4.0 (see design/LICENSE).
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