Shim/polyfill for IDBObjectStore.getAll, IDBIndex.getAll, IDBObjectStore.getAllKeys, and IDBIndex.getAllKeys
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IndexedDB-getAll-shim Build Status

A shim/polyfill for supporting IDBObjectStore.getAll, IDBIndex.getAll, IDBObjectStore.getAllKeys, and IDBIndex.getAllKeys. Currently (February 2016) the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome have getAll built in, but other browsers do not.


Just include IndexedDB-getAll-shim.js on your page and you're good to go. To see an example of how it works, look in example.html.

If you're using CommonJS, you can install it through npm:

npm install indexeddb-getall-shim

and include it like this:


Unit Tests

npm test



MIT License