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					$$$			Welcome to Spring Integration Samples			$$$
To simplify your experience, Spring Integration Samples were split into 4 distinct categories.  
Inside of each category you'll find a 'readme.txt' which will contain a more detailed description 
of that category's specifics. Each sample also comes with its own 'readme.txt' file explaining details.

Below is a short description of each category.

	This is a good place to get started. The samples here are technically motivated and demonstrate the bare 
	minimum with regard to configuration and code to help you to get introduced to the basic concepts, API and 
	configuration of Spring Integration. For example if you are looking for an answer on how to wire service-activator 
	to a channel or how to apply Gateway to your message exchange or how to get started with using MAIL or XML the module, 
	this would be the right place to find a relevant sample. The bottom line is that this is a good starting point.

	This category targets developers who are already familiar with the Spring Integration framework (past getting started), 
	but need some more guidance while resolving more advanced technical problems that you have to deal with when switching
	to a Messaging architecture. For example, if you are looking for an answer on how to handle errors in various 
	scenarios, or how to properly configure an Aggregator for the situations where some messages might not ever arrive 
	for aggregation, or any other issue that goes beyond a basic understanding and configuration of a particular component
	to address "what else you can do?" types of problems, this would be the right place to find relevant samples.

	This category targets advanced developers who are quite familiar with the Spring Integration framework but looking to
	address a specific custom need by extending from the Spring Integration public API. For example, if you are looking for
	samples showing you how to implement a custom Channel or Consumer (event-based or polling-based), or you are trying to
	figure out what is the most appropriate way to implement a custom BeanParser on top of the Spring Integration BeanParser
	hierarchy when implementing a custom namespace, this would be the right place to look. Here you can also find samples
	that will help you with adapter development. Spring Integration comes with an extensive library of adapters that allow
	you to connect remote systems with the Spring Integration messaging framework. However you might have a need to integrate
	with a system for which the core framework does not provide an adapter, so you have to implement your own. This category
	would include samples showing you how to implement various adapters.

	This category targets developers and architects who have a good understanding of Message-driven architecture and
	Enterprise Integration Patterns, and an above average understanding of Spring and Spring integration and who are looking
	for samples that address a particular business problem. In other words, the emphasis of samples in this category is
	'business use cases' and how they can be solved via a Messaging architecture and Spring Integration in particular. 
	For example, if you are interested to see how a Loan Broker process or Travel Agent process could be implemented and 
	automated via Spring Integration, this would be the right place to find these types of samples.

										$$ Happy Integration! $$