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== 2.1.3 2009-06-03
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Always call #to_s on slug_text to allow objects such as DateTimes to be used for the friendly_id text. (reported by Jon Ng)
== 2.1.2 2009-05-21
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Non-slugged models now validate the friendly_id on save as well as create (Joe Van Dyk).
* Replaced Shoulda with Contest.
== 2.1.1 2009-03-25
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Fixed bug with find_some; if a record has old slugs, find_some will no longer return
multiple copies of that record when finding by numerical ID. (Steve Luscher)
* Fixed bug with find_some: you can now find_some with an array of numerical IDs without
an error being thrown. (Steve Luscher)
== 2.1.0 2009-03-25
* 2 major enhancements:
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility.
* Removed dependency on ancient Unicode gem.
== 2.0.4 2009-02-12
* 1 major enhancment:
* You can now pass in your own custom slug generation blocks while setting up friendly_id.
== 2.0.3 2009-02-11
* 1 minor enhancment:
* Fixed to_param returning an empty string for non-slugged models with a null friendly_id.
== 2.0.2 2009-02-09
* 2 major enhancements:
* Made FriendlyId depend only on ActiveRecord. It should now be possible to
use FriendlyId with Camping or any other codebase that uses AR.
* Overhauled creaky testing setup and switched to Shoulda.
* 1 minor enhancment:
* Made reserved words work for non-slugged models.
== 2.0.1 2009-01-19
* 1 minor enhancements:
* Fix infinite redirect bug when using .has_better_id? in your controllers (Sean Abrahams)
== 2.0.0 2009-01-03
* 5 major enhancements:
* Support for scoped slugs (Norman Clarke)
* Support for UTF-8 friendly_ids (Norman Clarke)
* Can now be installed via Ruby Gems, or as a Rails plugin (Norman Clarke)
* Improved handling of non-unique slugs (Norman Clarke and Adrian Mugnolo)
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Shoulda macro (Josh Nichols)
* Various small bugfixes, cleanups and refactorings
== 2008-12-01
* Fixed bug that may return invalid records having similar id/names and using MySQL. (Emilio Tagua)
* Fixed slug generation to increment only numeric extension without modifying the name on duplicated slugs. (Emilio Tagua)
== 2008-10-31
* Fixed compatibility with Rails 2.0.x. (Norman Clarke)
* friendly_id::make_slugs update records in chunks of 1000 to avoid running out of memory with large datasets. (Tim Kadom)
* Fixed logic error with slug name collisions. Thanks to Tim Kadom for reporting this bug.
== 2008-10-22
* Reverted use of UTF8Handler - was causing errors for some people (Bence Nagy)
* Corrected find in case if a friendly_id begins with number (Bence Nagy)
* Added ability to reserve words from slugs (Adam Cigánek)
== 2008-10-09
* Moved "require"" for iconv to init.rb (Florian Aßmann)
* Removed "require" for Unicode, use Rails' handler instead (Florian Aßmann)
* Replaced some magic numbers with constants (Florian Aßmann)
* Don't overwrite find, alias_method_chain find_one and find_some instead (Florian Aßmann)
* Slugs behave more like ids now (Florian Aßmann)
* Can find by mixture of ids and slugs (Florian Aßmann)
* Reformatted code and comments (Florian Aßmann)
* Added support for Edge Rails' Inflector::parameterize (Norman Clarke)
== 2008-08-25
* Moved strip_diacritics into Slug for easier reuse/better organization.
* Put class methods inside class << self block. (Norman Clarke)
* Small change to allow friendly_id to work better with STI. (David Ramalho)
== 2008-07-14
* Improved slug generation for friendly id's with apostrophes. (alistairholt)
* Added support for namespaced models in Rakefile. (David Ramalho)
== 2008-06-23
* Cached most recent slug to improve performance (Emilio Tagua).
== 2008-06-10
* Added ability to find friendly_ids by array (Emilio Tagua)
== 2008-05-15
* Made friendly_id raise an error if slug method returns a blank value.
== 2008-05-12
* Added experimental Github gemspec.
== 2008-04-18
* Improved slug name collision avoidance.
== 2008-03-13
* Added :dependent => :destroy to slug relation, as suggested by Emilio Tagua.
* Fixed error when renaming a slugged item back to a previously used name.
* Incorporated documentation changes suggested by Jesse Crouch and Chris Nolan.
== 2008-02-07
* Applied patches from blog commenter "suntzu" to fix problem with model values were being overwritten.
* Applied patch from Dan Blue to make friendly_id no longer ignore options on ActiveRecordBase#find.
* Added call to options.assert_valid_keys in has_friendly_id. Thanks to W. Andrew Loe III for pointing out that this was missing.
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