Solid foundations for modern front-end development - Pug, Sass, javascript & automation
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Solid foundations for modern development

Sass, javascript & automation

The purpose of the dummy is to provide a consistent file structure with a normalized code and a collection of helpers and resets (Components served separately). It wraps ITCSS principles with a powerful automation system.



Pug as templating system

  • Use layouts and partials to power your static websites

A Sass & Javascript structure

  • It follows ITCSS concepts
  • A simple font sizing : 1.6em = 16px
  • A collection of variables to manage default sizing, fonts and colors

Gulp to make your life easier

  • Compiles your *.pug pages
  • Compiles your *.scss files
  • Prefixes your css
  • Bundles your *.js files with browserify and Babeljs
  • Minify css and uglify js
  • Serves your files
  • Synchronizes and reloads your modifications across browsers


First, ensure that you have the latest Node.js and npm installed.

Plug and play


Yo Dummies!

Scaffold a dummy with the yeoman generator:

  1. Install Yeoman, yarn && generator-dummies
  • Go to your project folder, then run: yo dummies
  • You can now import components from dummy-toolkit with yo dummies:toolkit

Manual installation

Get it from github:

  1. Download latest release
  • Run npm install to install all dependencies
  • To build pug, css andjs run gulp build
curl -L | tar zx && cd ./dummy-master/ && npm install && gulp


  1. To start working and serving files run gulp
  • Browser-sync will prompt the server url (localhost:3000)
  • You can now edit *.scss & *.js files, *.css & *.js will be overwritten

Keep in touch

If you find any caveats using it or have suggestions to improve the tool we gladly accept Pull Requests and issues.


Thanks to Stéphanie Dragon who crafted such a nice logo !