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A simple, all-in-one Wii U file dumper! Developed with the intent of making dumping games and other files (for emulators like Cemu) faster and easier.

How to install

Method 1:
Use the Wii U App Store to download and install it in the homebrew launcher. See Dumpling's page here.

Method 2:
Download the latest release from GitHub, and extract the file to the root of your SD card.

Method 3:
Use on your Wii U to launch Dumpling without any setup or SD card.

How to use

For an always up-to-date guide to dump your games for Cemu using Dumpling, see!

If you want to fully homebrew your Wii U too, we recommend using to install Tiramisu and installing Dumpling using the first two methods mentioned above!

You don't need to run/have Mocha CFW or Haxchi, just launch Dumpling from the Homebrew Launcher.

How to compile

  • Install DevkitPro for your platform.
  • Install xxd and zip if you don't have it already through your Linux package manager (or something equivalent for msys2 on Windows).
  • Install wut through DevkitPro's pacman or compile (and install) the latest source yourself.
  • Compile libmocha.
  • Then, with all those dependencies installed, you can just run make to get the .rpx file that you can run on your Wii U.


  • Dumps everything related to your games! Game, updates, DLC and saves are all dumped through one simple GUI!
  • Dumps both disc and digital games in an extracted format, making for easy modding and usage with Cemu.
  • Creates 1:1 copies of data with proper meta data.
  • Allows dumping to an SD or USB stick/drive (must be formatted as fat32).
  • Allows you to dump system applications too.
  • Feature to quickly dump everything needed to play online with Cemu, including the otp.bin and seeprom.bin!
  • Also dumps extra compatibility files for Cemu when dumping online files.
  • Has features to dump the base game, update, DLC and save files separately.
  • Now also supports easily dumping vWii games (requires nfs2iso2nfs for converting vWii games to .iso).


  • Crementif for dumpling
  • emiyl for dumpling-classic
  • chriz, Tomk007 and Jaimie for testing
  • wut for providing the Wii U toolchain that Dumpling is built with
  • FIX94, Maschell, Quarky, GaryOderNichts and koolkdev for making and maintaining homebrew (libraries)
  • smea, plutoo, yellows8, naehrwert, derrek, dimok and kanye_west for making the exploits and CFW possible


Dumpling is licensed under MIT.
Dumpling uses fatfs, see its BSD-styled license here. Dumpling also includes libschrift, see its ISC-styled license here.