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;; Copyright (C) 2015, Jozef Wagner. All rights reserved.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0
;; ( which can be
;; found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound
;; by the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns try.markov
"Markov chain."
(:api dunaj)
[ :refer
[iSMALL_A iSMALL_Z iint i<= ismall-letter? icapital-letter? i==
[dunaj.coll :refer [settle! edit assoc! conj!]]
[dunaj.coll.hamt-map :refer [empty-hamt-map]]
[dunaj.coll.bvt-vector :refer [empty-bvt-vector]]
[dunaj.string :refer [MutableString empty-string]]
[dunaj.format.parser :refer
[ITokenizerMachine -analyze-eof! IParserMachineFactory
[dunaj.format.helper :refer [string-cat-batch!]]
[dunaj.format.json :refer [pretty-json]]
[ :refer [not-implemented]]
[criterium.core :as cc]))
;;; Word tokenizer
(deftype WordToken
"A tokenizer machine for words. Support special handling of
Mr., Mrs. and Ms., and apostrophes inside words."
[config state ^:unsynchronized-mutable ts :- MutableString
^:unsynchronized-mutable apos :- Boolean]
(-analyze-batch! [this bm batch]
(let [batch :- (Batch java.lang.Character) batch
begin (.position batch)]
(loop []
(if-not (.hasRemaining batch)
;; no more stuff in batch
(do (string-cat-batch!
ts batch begin (.position batch) state)
;; check next character in batch
(let [pos (.position batch)
x (iint (.get batch))]
;; word letter, append and continue
(or (ismall-letter? x)
(icapital-letter? x)
(idigit? x)
(i== x (iCOMMA))
(i== x (iMINUS))
(i== x (iCOLON))
(i== x (iSEMICOLON)))
(do (set! apos false) (recur))
;; special case for apostrophe, e.g. It's
(i== (iAPOS) x)
(do (set! apos true) (recur))
;; word delimiter, produce word string
(do (string-cat-batch! ts batch begin pos state)
;; special case for Mr. Mrs. Ms.
(if (and (i== (iDOT) x)
(let [s (str ts)]
(or (= s "Mr") (= s "Mrs") (= s "Ms"))))
(conj! ts \.)
(.position batch pos))
(-analyze-eof! this))))))))
(-analyze-eof! [this]
;; EOF reached, produce word from what we got so far
(let [s (settle! ts)]
(if apos (str (drop-last 1 s)) s))))
(defn ^:private word-token
"Returns new instance of word tokenizer machine that contains
`_item_`, using provided configuration and state map."
[config state item]
(let [ts ^java.lang.StringBuilder (edit empty-string)]
(->WordToken config state (.append ts (char item)) false)))
(deftype WordTokenizerMachine
"A tokenizer machine for words."
(-parser-config [this] {})
(-parser-from-type [this] (keyword->class :char))
(-parser-to-type [this] java.lang.Object)
(-dispatch-tokenizer [this config state item]
(let [x (iint item)]
(cond (ismall-letter? x) (word-token config state x)
(i== x (iSPACE)) this ;; fast path
(icapital-letter? x) (word-token config state x)
(i== x (iDOT)) :stop-dot
(i== x (iBANG)) :stop-bang
(i== x (iQMARK)) :stop-qmark
(i== x (iMINUS)) "-"
;; no numbers
;; (idigit? x) (word-token config state x)
:else this)))
(-dispatch-parser [this config state token parents]
(def word-tokenizer
"A tokenizer machine factory for words."
;;; Markov chain
(defrecord MarkovWrap [pre cur chain])
(defn markov-conj :- {}
"Returns `_wrap_` with added `_word_` to the given markov chain
of order 2. The actual markov chain is stored in `:chain` key of
the resulting map. No args version returns the initial wrap. "
(->MarkovWrap nil nil (edit empty-hamt-map)))
([wrap :- {}, word :- String]
(let [{:keys [:pre :cur :chain]} wrap]
(if (or (= word cur) (and (nil? cur) (keyword? word)))
(let [key (pair pre cur)
vals (get chain key ::no)
vals (if (identical? ::no vals)
(edit empty-bvt-vector)
new-vals (conj! vals word)
new-chain (assoc! chain key new-vals)
new-cur (when-not (keyword? word) word)
new-pre (when-not (keyword? word) cur)]
(->MarkovWrap new-pre new-cur new-chain))))))
(defn markov-chain :- {}
"Returns markov chain of order 2, in form of a transient map,
from a given `_text_`. Returned markov chain will contain start
words that begin with a capital letter only."
[text :- []]
(let [words (tokenizer-engine word-tokenizer text)
chain (:chain (reduce markov-conj words))
sk (pair nil nil)
ff #(and (string? %) (icapital-letter? (iint (first %))))
prune-start #(vec (filter ff %))]
(assoc! chain sk (prune-start (get chain sk)))))
;;; Sentence generation
(def ^:private stop-map
"A map for translating stop keyword tokens into their textual
{:stop-bang "!"
:stop-qmark "?"})
(defn random-sentence :- String
"Returns one sentence generated from a given `_markov-chain_` of
order 2."
[markov-chain :- {}]
(loop [pre nil, cur nil, sentence nil, idx (iint 10000)]
(if (or (keyword? cur) (izero? idx))
(str (conj! sentence (get stop-map cur ".")))
(let [nxt (rand-nth (markov-chain (pair pre cur)))
new-sentence (cond (nil? cur) sentence
(nil? sentence) (edit cur)
(string? cur) (conj! sentence " " cur)
:else (conj! sentence cur))]
(recur cur nxt new-sentence (idec idx))))))
(def actual-count (atom 0))
(def actual-rval (atom 0))
(def running-max 200)
(defn running-count
(reset! actual-count 0)
(reset! actual-rval 0))
(let [cnt (count val)]
(alter! actual-count + cnt)
(if (< @actual-count running-max)
(do (reset! actual-count cnt)
(alter! actual-rval inc))))))
(defn gen-json :- []
"Returns a json encoded vector of `_amount_` sentences generated
from given `_markov-chain_`, that are no less than 10 and no more
than 200 characters long."
[markov-chain :- {}, amount :- Integer]
(->> #(random-sentence markov-chain)
(filter #(< (count %) 200))
(partition-by running-count)
(map #(str (interpose " " %)))
(take amount)
(print-one (assoc pretty-json :pretty-item-limit nil))))
(defn dump-fun!
"Generates json file named `_ofname_` with `_amount_` random
sentences generated from markov chain that is constructed from
text from `_ifname_`."
[ifname ofname amount]
(let [mc (markov-chain (slurp (classpath ifname)))
js (gen-json mc amount)]
(spit! ofname js :truncate))))
;;;; Scratch
(scratch []
(dump-fun! "try/document/alice_wonderland.txt" "alice.json" 1000)
(dump-fun! "try/document/moby_dick.txt" "moby.json" 1000)
(dump-fun! "try/document/pride_prejudice.txt" "pride.json" 1000)
(dump-fun! "try/document/tom_sawyer.txt" "tom.json" 1000)
(dump-fun! "try/document/buster_bear.txt" "buster.json" 1000)
(def mc
(let [a (slurp (classpath "try/document/alice_wonderland.txt"))
m (slurp (classpath "try/document/moby_dick.txt"))
p (slurp (classpath "try/document/pride_prejudice.txt"))
t (slurp (classpath "try/document/tom_sawyer.txt"))
;b (df (slurp (classpath "try/document/bible.txt")))
(markov-chain (concat a m p t))))))
(def mc
(let [b (slurp (classpath "try/document/moby_dick.txt"))]
(markov-chain b)))))
(count mc)
(seq (take 10 (keys mc)))
(random-sentence mc)
(let [s (vec (sort-by #(count (second %)) (vec mc)))
pf #(->vec (first %)
#_(take 3 (vec (second %)))
(count (second %)))]
(vec (map pf (take 50 (reverse s)))))