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A simple web scraper that exports historical weight data from your MyFitnessPal account.
Common Lisp Shell
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myfitnessdata is an application to extract diet progress data from the MyFitnessPal website.


I have released MyFitnessData 1.1; release notes are available on the wiki. This version is currently broken as a result of website changes at MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessData 2.0 is under development. It will feature several major improvements including a GUI written with mcclim.


myfitnessdata is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

why the LGPL?

The GPL is specifically designed to reduce the usefulness of GPL-licensed code to closed-source, proprietary software. The BSD license (and similar) don't mandate code-sharing if the BSD-licensed code is modified by licensees. The LGPL achieves the best of both worlds: an LGPL-licensed library can be incorporated within closed-source proprietary code, and yet those using an LGPL-licensed library are required to release source code to that library if they change it.


  1. script that executes on any POSIX system running SBCL [done]
  2. Windows executable [done]
  3. parse just Weight information into arbitrary CSV file [done]
  4. sort data by date [done]
  5. Windows installer [done]
  6. test suite and runner [done]
  7. web proxy support
  8. additional export features
  9. Debian / Ubuntu installer [if requested]

debian / ubuntu

To build on Ubuntu, you'll need to install:

  • SBCL (using apt-get)
  • Quicklisp (using
  • Buildapp (using

As of 9 January 2011, there is a bug in the SBCL package for Debian & Ubuntu which will cause myfitnessdata to fail with an error like:

Not an absolute pathname #P"~/.clc/systems/"

The fix to this is documented here.

ms windows

To build on MS Windows, you'll need to install:

When installing buildapp, note that the Makefile that comes with buildapp doesn't work on Windows. So instead of using, you'll need to run make, then manually copy buildapp.exe into place.

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