demo code for using hadoop with jclouds, whirr, and brooklyn
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This demo project shows how jclouds, whirr, and brooklyn help build and manage Hadoop clusters.

Run mvn clean install to download dependencies and compile the code.


Run demo.jclouds.CreateMachine to create (two) machines in AWS (or other cloud). Set -D arguments as described in its javadoc.

This displays a private key which you can copy to a file (e.g. /tmp/key) and the IPs you can ssh to (e.g. ssh -i /tmp/key user@host).

Alternatively you can run:

On one of these machines you can:

`curl -O`

Untar this, put some text into /tmp/sample.txt, set JAVA_HOME, then in the root of the hadoop-1.0.2 run:

`bin/hadoop jar ./hadoop-examples-1.0.2.jar wordcount /tmp/sample.txt /tmp/out`

This shows hadoop being run on a cloud machine. To run it "properly", distributed, is a bit more involved, setting up conf files etc. This is described at Or it can be automated with...


Set up the following (or comparable in your IDE):

{% highlight bash %} export CLOUD_ID=AKAIyourIDhere export CLOUD_SECRET=secretCredentialFromThem {% endhighlight %}

Then run the demo.whirr.WhirrHadoop class or use the command-line:

{% highlight bash %} curl -O tar zxf whirr-0.7.1.tar.gz; cd whirr-0.7.1

bin/whirr launch-cluster --config /path/to/this/project/src/main/resources/ {% endhighlight %}

In a few minutes you should see messages like this:

{% highlight %} 12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopJobTrackerClusterActionHandler: Completed configuration of whirr-hadoop-sample-alex role hadoop-jobtracker 12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopJobTrackerClusterActionHandler: Jobtracker web UI available at 12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopNameNodeClusterActionHandler: Completed configuration of whirr-hadoop-sample-alex role hadoop-namenode 12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopNameNodeClusterActionHandler: Namenode web UI available at

12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopConfigurationConverter: Wrote file /Users/alex/.whirr/whirr-hadoop-sample-alex/hadoop-site.xml 12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopNameNodeClusterActionHandler: Wrote Hadoop proxy script /Users/alex/.whirr/whirr-hadoop-sample-alex/

12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopDataNodeClusterActionHandler: Completed configuration of whirr-hadoop-sample-alex role hadoop-datanode 12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO hadoop.HadoopTaskTrackerClusterActionHandler: Completed configuration of whirr-hadoop-sample-alex role hadoop-tasktracker 12/05/01 17:36:35 INFO actions.ScriptBasedClusterAction: Finished running start phase scripts on all cluster instances ...

Your cluster is ready. {% endhighlight %}

Visit the jobtracker/namenode on in a browser on port 50030/50070.

Now we'll run a hadoop process against this:

  • First we need to run the proxy script noted in the output from whirr (because Hadoop binds only to an internal port)
  • Next build a JAR for this project, e.g. cd target/classes ; jar cvf /tmp/jar-for-my-hadoop-app.jar .
  • Next open, configure, and run demo.whirr.WhirrWordCount
    • configure it to use the JAR you just made, ahead of any directory e.g. target/classes in the classpath (this is required because Hadoop detects the JAR from which a class comes and passes it to the server, where the Mapper code is required)
    • create (optionally) a file /tmp/sample.txt
    • look at the HadoopConfiguration (hadoop-site.xml) noted in the output from whirr (the app is hard-coded to read this)
    • run it


Put your IDs and credentials into ~/.brooklyn/ as follows:

{% highlight %}

brooklyn.geoscaling.username=YourGeoscalingAccount brooklyn.geoscaling.password=y0urG30SC4L1NGp455w0rd {% endhighlight %}

(See for more instructions, including setting up Geoscaling.)

Then edit (e.g. locations) and run the demo.brooklyn.BrooklynWebFabricWithHadoop example (or examples/hadoop-and-whirr in Make sure to run with -Xmx256m -Xmx1g -XX:MaxPermSize=256m.

CORRECTION: Currently the Brooklyn example must be run from brooklyncentral/brooklyn examples