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* Added CITATION file for JSS paper.
* addCSS() and addECMAScripts() now use the value of the global option InsertScriptContents
to determine if the contents of the script should be inserted or a reference to the file.
This is helpful when creating files that are to be published on a Web site or moved to a
different machine so that they don't have references to other files that may not be present.
* Avoid repeating the contents of a CSS file in addCSS() if it has already been inserted.
* Handle case where we don't know the version of libcairo in places we call
* Compute the version of libcairo in additional ways that handle OS X binary
installations of R that have libcairo compiled into the modules.
* Cloning nodes in addLink() to ensure correctly inserting new nodes in to document.
* Modifications that make the animation mechanism work in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari,
in addition to Opera.
* add labelInfo parameter for animation() function which allows the caller to control
the location and appearance of the animated labels.
* Added getTextNodes() to get nodes corresponding to text.
* Enhancements to handle edges in Rgraphviz plots that are made up of
multiple segments rather than a single line. This arose from differences
between versions of graphviz and on Windows.
* Update of the code (for the slider, specifically).
* Support for more complex legends/keys in lattice plots, including multiple legends.
* Added class attribute to mirror type attribute for nodes we identify as high-level plot
components. This class can be used in CSS selectors.
* Portability enhancements to deal with Windows and different expectations of Web browsers.
Added file:// to references to local files in JavaScript/ECMAScript files.
* Enhancements to detect and deal with libcairo version 1.10.0 rather than 1.8.0
Both will work. Detection of version in the configuration and adaptions to
find the surface nodes and the axes lable nodes. Additional internal functions
to find text nodes and determine whether they are horizontal or vertical text.
* Handle recent versions of libcairo which use surface1 rather than surface0
as the id for the top-level <g> element. Found by Wolfgang Huber.
* Handle lattice plots in which axes labels might be expressions rather than character
strings. Identified by Christophe Rhodes.
* Start of handling NAs for linked plots
* Major reorganization of examples to have code in a single place
and referenced in the JSS paper.
* Added interval argument to animate()
* Added asTextNode() to convert a text string represented as a path
to a <text> node.
* Facilities for annotating boxplots.
* Functions for making matrix plot (matplot()) and parallel coordinate plots interactive.
* Support for mosaic() plots created by the vcd package.
Many, many changes; some listed here. See Todo.xml and the "done" entries.
* Adapted to Windows using the Cairo package.
* Can also use the Cairo package on Unix (including OS X). Use
R CMD INSTALL --configure-args='--with-cairo-package'
to force this, or the installation will detect this if capabilities()["cairo"] is FALSE.
* Improved the animate() function
* added ability to change the radii, display updating text to identify the step
* easier interface with dropFirst
* computes xlim, ylim from the usr value when the plot was created with svgPlot()
for single plots
* suppots a hook function for modifying/extending the animation of each point at each step.
* can specify the time variable by column name in the data frame.
* display updating text in the center of the plot showing the time/step of the animation,
e.g. month, day of the week, etc.
* Lattice plot meta-information
* add meta data about a lattice plot, including panels indices, legend in r:display
* serialize the lattice object so it can be recovered in separate post-processing.
* add type attributes to the different elements of the lattice plot for easy identification.
* getStripNodes() now implemented.
* getCSS(), getJavaScript(), getUSR, dim() functions for querying information about an annotated
SVG document.
* getPlotRegions(), getPlotPoints(), etc. will add a type attribute to identify what they are
when they are first retrieved. This allows finding them again after post-processing changes them.
* improved handling of adding a background active area for links and tooltips in ways that both
Firefox and Opera can display correctly.
* changed the parameter addRectangle in addLink() and addToolTips() to addArea.
* addLink() and addToolTips() allow an inlined CSS style specification.
* ability to identify the shape and type of SVG elements along with classes to represent them.
These include Circle, Line, VerticalLine, HorizontalLine, Polygon. See getBoundingBox.
We can use this to identify higher-level components and match them to the R plot.
* Added getLatticeLegends(), compressStyles(), convertCSSStylesToSVG()
* addECMAScripts() calls findJScripts()
* findJScripts() doesn't expand the path (so leaves relative file names).
* Added print parameter for svg() for lattice plots.
* Examples of mixing SVG and HTML and the related Javascript. See inst/HTMLExamples/index.html
* Additional facilities for Rgraphviz-based graphics
* More examples.
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