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ClusterSSH - What is it all about?

ClusterSSH is a tool for making the same change on multiple servers at the same time. The 'cssh' command opens a terminal (currently xterm) to all specified hosts and an administration console. Any text typed into the console is replicated to all windows. All windows may also be typed into directly.

This tool is intended for (but not limited to) cluster administration where the same configuration or commands must be run on each node within the cluster. Performing these commands all at once via this tool ensures all nodes are kept in sync.


Announcements will still be sent via the project mailing list and also via the twitter feed.

Latest Release

Version 4.08 was released on the 18th of October 2016.

The software is available from Perl CPAN and the sourceforge download page.

Support Requests

Request for support can be placed in the GitHub issue tracker

Recent Updates

A major rewrite is in progress in the version 4 series. This version moves away from using GNU tools (in version 3) and instead is pure-perl (registered under the module name 'App::ClusterSSH' on CPAN). The re-write will allow for better automated testing and rationalising the options, as well as removing some long standing annoyances with window management.

If anyone wishes to help with the code re-write, please email me. If you have any suggestions for extra items (or spot any typos), or you would like access to make changes yourself, please either email me or fork the GitHub repository, make your changes and send me a pull request.

Some of the bugs in the tracker require specific installs/setups which I do not have access to for fixing/testing purposes. If you are able to help with resolving the current bug list, please get in touch.

Source Code

Source code is available from GitHub.

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