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Get the furry friend that's perfect for your activities, for just as long as you need.


Do you love dogs? (Of course you do.) Live in a pet-unfriendly apartment? Need a hiking buddy? Or just want a furry friend to hang out with for the day? Fetch brings dogs to you on demand, at a moment's notice!


Many San Franciscans live a busy lifestyle and simply don't have the means to own a dog.


Fetch delivers dogs to users on demand for a 3-hour, no commitment play date.

Quote from You

"Fetch is the best. Simply amazing!" -All of us

How to Get Started

Visit, sign up for a user account, choose a category (listed below), and play with your new best friend!

  • FetchFRIEND Borrow a clean, cheerful companion, ready to hang out and keep you company, stroll around, or just sit in your lap.

  • FetchFAMILY This calm, careful pooch loves kids and gets along great at family picnics and afterschool birthday parties!

  • FetchFIT Strong fast running companions will cheer you on and keep you moving! They're excited to explore for hours, and a great way to keep up the pace on the trail!

  • FetchFORCE Want to take a long, late night walk, but have some solid company? Our force dogs are perfectly trained to stay by your side and keep you safe.

Customer Quote

"My life was in shambles until I found Fetch. Now I'm the happiest guy on earth!" -Tito

Closing and Call to Action

Check us out at

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