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Livetweet threads and online articles about the talks at Usenix Enigma 2020

A huge thank you to @LeaKissner and @nhfruchter for the tremendous effort put into live tweeting the conference.

If I miss anything, then please let me know. You can reach me via DM at @ChrFolini or

Panel: Encrypted Messaging

Moderator: Jon Callas, Senior Technology Fellow, ACLU


  • Riana Pfefferkorn, Associate Director of Surveillance and Cybersecurity, Stanford Center for Internet and Society;
  • Daniel J. Weitzner, Founding Director, MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative;
  • Matt Blaze, Georgetown University (Newsletter, subscription needed)

Filippo Valsorda, Google: Securing the Software Supply Chain

Sarah Harvey, Square Inc (= payment company): Third-Party Integrations: Friend or Foe?

Felix Fischer, Technical University of Munich: Stack Overflow: A Story of Two Security Tales

Francis Guibernau, Deloitte: Catch Me If You Can!—Detecting Sandbox Evasion Techniques

No live tweets

Brandon Baker, Google: BeyondProd: The Origin of Cloud-Native Security at Google

Kenn White, MongoDB: Bringing Usable Crypto to 7 Million Developers

Yomna Nasser: Pre-Authentication Messages as a Common Root Cause of Cell Network Attacks (German)

Kavya Pearlman, XR Safety Initiative: Virtual Reality Brings Real Risks: Are We Ready?

Nicolas Papernot, University of Toronto and Vector Institute: What Does It Mean for Machine Learning to Be Trustworthy? (German)

Sadia Afroz, ICSI, Avast: How to Build Realistic Machine Learning Systems for Security?

Panel: Browser Privacy: Opportunities and Tradeoffs

Moderator: Dr. Lea Kissner, Humu Panelists:

  • Justin Schuh, Google;
  • Tanvi Vyas, Mozilla;
  • Yan Zhu, Brave;
  • Eric Lawrence, Microsoft

Annalisa Nash Fernandez, Intercultural Strategist: Data as a Social Science: Cultural Elements in Privacy and Security

L. Jean Camp, Indiana University: All Security Is Good(s): Design Guidance for Economics (German)

Steven Buccini, Aspen Institute Tech Policy Hub: Platform Data Privacy & Security Strategies for Public Interest Research

Matt Bishop, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Davis: How Anonymous Is My Anonymized Data?

Dr. Lea Kissner, Humu: Stop Failing. Start Building for Humanity.

Dr. Engin Bozdag, Uber: Privacy at Speed: Privacy by Design for Agile Development at Uber

Andrés Arrieta, Electronic Frontier Foundation: The Browser Privacy Arms Race: Which Browsers Actually Protect Your Privacy?

Kathryn Kosmides, Founder, CEO of Public Records in the Digital Age: Can They Save Lives?

Sanchari Das, Ph.D. Candidate and Information Security Engineer: Eyes in Your Child's Bedroom: Exploiting Child Data Risks with Smart Toys

Jennifer Helsby, Freedom of the Press Foundation: Next-Generation SecureDrop: Protecting Journalists from Malware

Panel: Disinformation

Moderator: Andrea Limbago, Virtru Panelists:

  • Renee DiResta, New Knowledge and Data for Democracy;
  • Melanie Ensign, Uber;
  • Camille Francois, Graphika

Joey Dodds, Galois and Free & Fair: Trustworthy Elections

Laurin B. Weissinger, Yale University: Internet Infrastructure Security: A Casualty of Laissez-Faire and Multistakeholderism?

Mieke Eoyang: Cybercrime: Getting beyond Analog Cops and Digital Robbers

Eva Galperin, Electronic Frontier Foundation: The State of the Stalkerware

Birhanu Eshete, University of Michigan, Dearborn: Adventures with Cybercrime Toolkits: Insights for Pragmatic Defense

Swathi Joshi, Netflix: Reservist Model: Distributed Approach to Scaling Incident Response

David Freeman, Facebook: The Abuse Uncertainty Principle, and Other Lessons Learned from Measuring Abuse on the Internet

This list is released via the Creative Commons "Attribution 4.0 International" license.


An overview of links to livetweet threads and online articles covering the talks at the Usenix Enigma 2020






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