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Collection of DUNEX core utils, mostly POSIX compliant.
D Meson Shell
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DUNEX Core contains a collection of mostly POSIX compliant core utilities written in D. At current time the implementations are more like the FreeBSD core utilities.


Either dub build to use dub or ./ to use meson.

Done and Documented with a manpage

  • dirname (1dunex)

(Mostly) Done

  • yes
  • tee
  • tty
  • echo
  • uname (this doesn't match Linux, but matches FreeBSD's implementation)
  • hostid
  • true / false (i called it "return" and it will work if you name it true, or false).
  • sync
  • basename
  • tsort
  • cut (extends functionality in useful ways that are substantially better than gnu version).
  • unlink
  • seq
  • sleep
  • su
  • wc
  • cat
  • nl (missing a weird little feature but should be easy to implement)
  • mkfifo


  • uniq
  • mkdir
  • cksum (doesn't work - algorithm isn't standard and implementation isn't correct).
  • su (Clipsey is doing that)
  • factor (works for up to ulong length things but is a naive implementation that is slower than good implementations)
  • hostname
  • ddate


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