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Umoria 5.7.0 Restoration Release

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@mrcook mrcook released this 27 Nov 22:32
· 1544 commits to master since this release

Notable changes

  • Windows, macOS and Linux support.
  • Renaming binary from moria to umoria, save file to game.sav,
    and scores to scores.dat.
  • Use clang-format/-tidy to clean up the code formatting.
  • Moves all standard library header includes into one file.
  • Replaces custom types (e.g. int8u, int16u, etc.) with their equivalent
    C standard types.
  • Introduce the _Bool type.
  • Converts deprecated K&R style function declarations.
  • Refactor all comments.
  • Reorganise all old document files, create a historical directory.


  • Remove support for discontinued computers and OS: Atari ST, Amiga, MS DOS,
    "Classic" Mac OS (pre OS X), VMS, System III, etc., etc.