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VMS Moria 4.8

The Dungeons of Moria is a single player dungeon simulation originally written by Robert Alan Koeneke and first released in 1983 (although Koeneke wrote a VMS Basic version of Moria the year before in 1982). Moria has inspired many other games including Angband and perhaps the most famous roguelike of all, Diablo!

This repository contains the original VMS Pascal source code as written by Robert Alan Koeneke, and assistant programmers Jimmey Wayne Todd and Gary D. McAdoo.

Want to play Moria?

Most people do not have access to a machine capable of running VMS. Luckily, Moria was rewritten in the C language a few years later and released as Umoria. Recently it was made available for the Windows and macOS platforms.


The game of MORIA is a single player dungeon simulation. A player may choose from a number of races and classes when creating their character, and then 'run' that character over a period of days, weeks, even months; attempting to win the game by defeating the Balrog which lurks in the deeper levels. The player will begin their adventure on the town level where they may acquire supplies, weapons, armor, and magical devices by bartering with various shop owners. After preparing for their adventure, the player can descend into the dungeons of MORIA, where fantastic adventures await their coming!

If you have any other version of VMS Moria than 4.43 and 4.8, then please get in touch so we can add that code to this repository.