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Clone the project:

$ git clone

Install Gin for Live Reloading:

$ go get

Install the dependencies:

$ cd mercure
$ go get

Run the server:

$ gin run main.go

Go to http://localhost:3000 and enjoy!

To run the test suite:

$ go test -v -timeout 30s


The protocol is written in Markdown, compatible with Mmark. It is then converted in the the "xml2rfc" Version 3 Vocabulary.

To contribute to the protocol itself:

  • Make your changes
  • Download Mmark
  • Download xml2rfc using pip: pip install xml2rfc
  • Format the Markdown file: mmark -markdown -w spec/
  • Generate the XML file: mmark spec/ > spec/mercure.xml
  • Validate the generated XML file and generate the text file: xml2rfc --text --v3 spec/mercure.xml
  • If appropriate, be sure to update the reference implementation accordingly
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