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dunglas committed Aug 27, 2019
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@@ -37,5 +37,7 @@ To contribute to the protocol itself:
* [Download `xml2rfc` using pip]( `pip install xml2rfc`
* Format the Markdown file: `mmark -markdown -w spec/`
* Generate the XML file: `mmark spec/ > spec/mercure.xml`
* Add the `docName` attribute to the `<rfc>` element (example: `docName="draft-dunglas-mercure-04"`)
* Validate the generated XML file and generate the text file: `xml2rfc --text --v3 spec/mercure.xml`
* Remove non-ASCII characters from the generated `mercure.txt` file (example: K**é**vin)
* If appropriate, be sure to update the reference implementation accordingly

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