PHP TorControl, a library to control TOR
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PHP TorControl, a library to control TOR

TorControl is a PHP library to control a Tor server.

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  • Connect to a Tor server through network socket, SSL network socket or UNIX socket
  • Support null, password and cookie file authentication methods
  • Automatic authentication for null and cookie file methods
  • Multi-line replies
  • Unit-tested with PHPUnit
  • Installation with Composer


Note: if you use the Symfony framework, you should use DunglasTorControlBundle.

If not already done, install Composer.

Add php-torcontrol to your composer.json:

composer require dunglas/php-torcontrol



// Autoloading using composer
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Connect to the TOR server using password authentication
$tc = new TorControl\TorControl(
        'hostname' => 'localhost',
        'port'     => 9051,
        'password' => 'MySecr3tPassw0rd',
        'authmethod' => 1



// Renew identity
$res = $tc->executeCommand('SIGNAL NEWNYM');

// Echo the server reply code and message
echo $res[0]['code'].': '.$res[0]['message'];

// Quit



PHP TorControl has been created by Kévin Dunglas.