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Vulcain for Caddy

Caddy is a powerful, enterprise-ready, open source web server with automatic HTTPS written in Go.

The Vulcain module for Caddy 2 allows to turn any existing web API in a one supporting all features of Vulcain in a few minutes.


Use xcaddy to create a build of Caddy containing the Vulcain module.

  1. Install xcaddy
  2. Run: xcaddy build --with --with


Example configuration:

    servers {
        protocol {

route {
    vulcain {
        openapi_file my-openapi-description.yaml # optional
        max_pushes 100 # optional
    reverse_proxy my-api:8080 # all other handlers such as the static file server and custom handlers are also supported

Start the Server

Just run ./caddy run.

Cache Handler

Vulcain is best used with an HTTP cache server. The Caddy and the Vulcain team maintain together a distributed HTTP cache module supporting most of the RFC. To build Caddy with this module and Vulcain run: xcaddy build --with --with --with