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Gateway Server Configuration

The Vulcain Gateway Server follows the twelve-factor app methodology and is configurable using environment variables:

Variable Description
OPENAPI_FILE the path to an OpenAPI v3 file containing Link definitions
MAX_PUSHES the maximum number of resources to push (0 to disabled and only generate Link preload headers)
ACME_CERT_DIR the directory where to store Let's Encrypt certificates
ACME_HOSTS a comma separated list of hosts for which Let's Encrypt certificates must be issued
ADDR the address to listen on (example:, default to :http or :https depending if HTTPS is enabled or not). Note that Let's Encrypt only supports the default port: to use Let's Encrypt, do not set this variable.
CERT_FILE a cert file (to use a custom certificate)
KEY_FILE a key file (to use a custom certificate)
COMPRESS set to 0 to disable HTTP compression support (default to enabled)
DEBUG set to 1 to enable the debug mode, dangerous, don't enable in production (logs updates' content, why an update is not send to a specific subscriber and recovery stack traces)
LOG_FORMAT the log format, can be JSON, FLUENTD or TEXT (default)
READ_TIMEOUT maximum duration for reading the entire request, including the body, set to 0s to disable (default), example: 2m
SUBSCRIBER_JWT_KEY must contain the secret key to valid subscribers' JWT, can be omitted if JWT_KEY is set
WRITE_TIMEOUT maximum duration before timing out writes of the response, set to 0s to disable (default), example: 2m

If ACME_HOSTS or both CERT_FILE and KEY_FILE are provided, an HTTPS server supporting HTTP/2 connection will be started. If not, an HTTP server will be started (not compatible with HTTP/2 Server Push, and not secure).

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