Simple DSL to solve SMT problems using Z3 API in F#
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A simple DSL to solve SMT problems using Z3 API in F#.

git clone
bundle exec rake


Z3 is a high-performance theorem prover being developed at Microsoft Research. Z3 has an official .NET API written in C#, but it is too verbose and not F#-friendly. This project aims at providing a simple API to:

  • do constraint solving,
  • check satisfiability of logical formulas, and
  • prove theorems,

in a concise way in F#.

FsZ3 is inspired by Z3Py and along the same line of Scala^Z3 and SBV.


For instance, here is a very simple constraint solving problem in FsZ3:

// Create 3 integer variables
let dog = Int("dog")
let cat = Int("cat")
let mouse = Int("mouse")

Z3.Solve(dog >=. 1I,   // at least one dog
         cat >=. 1I,   // at least one cat
         mouse >=. 1I, // at least one mouse
         // we want to buy 100 animals
         dog + cat + mouse =. 100I,
         // We have 100 dollars (10000 cents):
         // dogs cost 15 dollars (1500 cents),
         //   cats cost 1 dollar (100 cents), and
         //   mice cost 25 cents
         1500I * dog + 100I * cat + 25I * mouse =. 10000I)

Take a look at Examples for an extensive set of examples.

Setup / Installation

  • 64 bit mono
  • albacore
  • Run bundle exec rake and check out ./src/Examples

Current limitations

  • Poor support for uninterpreted functions. You need explicit type annotations and there is no way to detect inconsistencies between arguments in a type-safe way.
  • Limited support for array theory. It suffers from the same symptoms as uninterpreted functions.
  • Bad coding habits. The code base currently uses too many type constraints.
  • Support for quantifiers would be hard. Maybe it isn't the correct way to go forward.
  • The syntax isn't very concise. It might be better to lean towards declarative style.


  • Check correctness of examples carefully.
  • Implement other theories: Arrays, Datatypes and Quantifiers.
  • Rearrange modules; many functions are in wrong places.
  • Rewrite ToString() for pretty-printing.
  • Standardize the use of %A and %O.


The MIT license