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Duniter blog's posts

This repository contains all blog's posts, either it was written in french, english or another language.



To deploy posts on a Ghost blog, you need to edit publish-to-blog.sh file to put the 4 following parameters:

# -------------- CONFIG TO BE CHANGED --------------
# -------------------------------------------------
  • TARGET is the URL of the blog where the posts will be injected
  • USER must be a valid user account already configured on that blog (must be an admin account)
  • PASSWORD is the password associated with USER
  • EXPORT_LANG is the language in which the posts must be translated if possible

Above parameters are not production parameters, it won't actually work. It's just an example of values.

Launch translation + deploy

Finally, just run the script to execute posts translation and their deployment on the targeted blog:

$ ./publish-to-blog.sh
Found en_EN post: 2015-01-11-welcome-to-ghost-2.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-02-05-ucoin-at-the-5th-freedom-money-meeting.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-06-09-recap-of-the-5th-fmm-4-days-focusing-on-money-systems.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-08-11-faq.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-08-11-presentation.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-08-11-theoretical.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-08-14-contact.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-08-14-contribute.fr_FR.po
Found en_EN post: 2015-08-14-try.fr_FR.po
Found fr_FR post: 2015-09-29-les-6emes-rencontres-des-monnaies-libres-a-valence-du-12-au-15-novembre.fr_FR.po
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  adding: published-2015-06-09-recap-of-the-5th-fmm-4-days-focusing-on-money-systems.md (deflated 58%)
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