Webapp and Smartphone client for Duniter network
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Unhosted webapp client for any Duniter crypto-currency.

Manage your wallet, certify your friends, and more !

Try it !


On a desktop computer

To use Cesium from your desktop computer :

  • Debian or Windows:
    • Download the latest release.
    • Choose the desktop packaging (cesium-desktop-vX.Y.Z-*)
    • Execute the downloaded file, and follow installation steps;
  • Other operating systems:
    • Choose the web packaging (cesium-vX.Y.Z-web.zip);
    • Unpack the archive into a empty folder;
    • Open the file index.html in your web browser;

On a Yunohost installation

There is a package for YunoHost self-hosting distribution.

On a web server


Cesium can be easily installed on most web server :

  • Download the latest release. Choose the web packaging (cesium-vX.Y.Z-web.zip);
  • Unpack in a empty directory;
  • Configure a virtual host, to use previous directory as root. Check the file index.html exist in the root directory.

For Linux distribution, a installation script could also be used to:

  • Download the latest release
  • Unpack archive into the directory ./cesium. Existing files will be override.
curl -kL https://git.duniter.org/clients/cesium-grp/cesium/raw/master/install.sh | bash


wget -qO- https://git.duniter.org/clients/cesium-grp/cesium/raw/master/install.sh | bash

Note: You may need root permission to write files. If so just replace | bash with | sudo bash.


To change default configuration, on a web server installation:

  • Edit the file config.js, and set default properties:
angular.module("cesium.config", [])
.constant("csConfig", {
  "fallbackLanguage": "en",
  "rememberMe": false,
  "timeWarningExpireMembership": 5184000,
  "timeWarningExpire": 7776000,
  "useLocalStorage": true,
  "useRelative": true,
  "decimalCount": 4,
  "helptip": {
    "enable": true,
    "installDocUrl": "https://github.com/duniter/duniter/blob/master/doc/install-a-node.md"
  "node": {
    "host": "gtest.duniter.org",
    "port": "10900"
	"plugins": {
		"es": {
			"enable": "false",
			"host": "data.gtest.duniter.fr",
			"port": "80"
	"version": "0.9.7",
	"build": "2017-01-17T08:27:57.915Z"
  • Configure a Duniter node:

    • set node.host and node.port to the default node address.
  • Configure the optional extension for ElasticSearch Duniter4j node

    • set plugins.es.host and plugins.es.port to the default ES node address.

    • set plugins.es.enable with [true|false] to change the default extension state.

To learn more about configuration options, see the detailed documentation.


Wants to compile Cesium ? or contribute ?

A Development Guide is available to learn :

  • How to install your development environment.
  • Development best practices.

A development tutorial (in French) is also available.


This software is distributed under GNU GPLv3.


I'm having errors on Ubuntu/Debian (desktop version)

Install these dependencies:

sudo apt-get install -y libgconf-2-4