Crypto-currency software using Node.js for creating Libre Currency
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Duniter (previously uCoin) is a libre software allowing to create a new kind of P2P crypto-currencies based on individuals and Universal Dividend.

Inspired by Bitcoin and OpenUDC projects.

Development state

Software is still under development, and no production currency using Duniter exists for now.

However, it already exists a testing currency named Ğtest. Want to test it? Two ways.

Add your node to the network

See Install a node documentation.

Try Cesium Wallet

Try Sakia Wallet

In the world of crypto-currencies, Sakia Wallet (repository) would be called a SPV client. It is a graphical client connecting to the network. See this tutorial to join in the testing currency with Sakia.

Going further



Visit Duniter website: it gathers theoretical informations, FAQ and several useful links. If you want to learn, this is the first place to visit.

Talk about/get involved in Duniter project

If you wish to participate/debate on Duniter, you can:


Duniter is using modules on different git repositories:

  • Crawler: network crawler.
  • Prover: handle Proof-of-Work.
  • BMA API: Basic Merkled API.
  • Keypair: provide the cryptographic keypair.
  • WotB: compute Web of Trust.
  • Debug: debug tool.
  • Web admin: web administration interface (optional).

Optional modules:





This software is distributed under GNU AGPLv3.