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@c-geek c-geek released this Aug 11, 2017 · 1575 commits to dev since this release

First official release of branch 1.4

Closes 45 tickets. Check the full list for more details.


  • Forks are now resolved within half an hour. It could take several hours in version 1.3.
  • Sandbox pulling is now more frequent (every 4 hours instead of once a day).
  • Revocation is now immediately taken into account.
  • The selected newcomer between concurrent newcomers is now random.
  • Better port selection with automatic configuration and UPnP.


  • The source code has been migrated from JavaScript to TypeScript
  • Duniter modules have been migrated back into duniter core repository
  • wotb module has been upgraded to v0.6.x, with new wot computations
  • Fork blocks are now stored on first reception, instead of storing them only on pulling

Fixed bugs

  • Fix a major bug with membership renewal which were causing forks
  • The /wot/requirements-of-pending/ URL is now quicker to respond


Please prefer the latest release.

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