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Python3 and PyQt5 Client for duniter project.

Goal features

  • duniter account management via wallets and communities
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-community
  • Multi-wallets
  • Contacts management
  • User-friendly money transfer
  • Community membership management

Current state

Done (master branch)

  • Accounts management
  • Communities viewing
  • Money Transfer
  • cx_freeze deployment
  • Wallets management
  • Contacts management
  • Joining a community, publishing keys
  • Multiple wallets management


Build scripts

  • Run python3 in sakia folder
  • Run python3 in sakia folder
  • Run python3 build in sakia folder
  • The executable is generated in "build" folder, named "sakia"

Download latest release

  • Go to current release
  • Download corresponding package to your operating system
  • Unzip and start "sakia" :)
  • Join our beta community by contacting us on duniter forum


This software is distributed under GNU GPLv3.