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The flume-voldemort-plugin allows you to use Voldemort as a Flume sink.
First things first
1. You need to have 'ant' installed in your PC. If not, go to and install it.
Getting Started with flume-voldemort-plugin
1. Set FLUME_HOME environment variable first
export FLUME_HOME=<path to where your Flume installation resides>
from this point forward, I'll use FLUME_HOME to indicate the Flume installation path
2. Copy the flume-voldemort-plugin directory into $FLUME_HOME/plugins/.
3. Go to flume-voldemort-plugin directory and issue 'ant' command to build the flume-voldemort-plugin.jar
If build succeeded, you can see the flume-voldemort-plugin.jar inside current directory.
4. Copy flume-voldemort-plugin.jar and all jar files inside the lib/ directory into $FLUME_HOME/lib.
After copying, make sure following jar files exist in the $FLUME_HOME/lib directory
- flume-voldemort-plugin.jar
- voldemort-0.81.jar
- log4j-1.2.15.jar
- google-collect-1.0.jar
5. Go to $FLUME_HOME/conf directory
- Modify flume-site.xml to include:
<description>Comma separated list of plugin classes</description>
You can find an example for this in flume-site.xml.template file.
6. Startup Flume master and nodes and verify that the plugin is detected by Flume
bin/flume master
check for following line in the startup log of the Flume master
2010-10-02 18:46:14,856 [main] INFO conf.SinkFactoryImpl: Found sink builder voldemortSink in voldemort.VoldemortSink
If you cant see the above line in master's startup log, start redoing from step (2) :)
bin/flume node_nowatch
7. Congratulations! you are done with the installation.
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