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Project and Static Library template that can be built in Xcode as one Project or separately compiled to release binary blob and headers


Just open the ProjectUsingLibrary project and click build

Required for building

  1. Library as a Subproject
  2. Dependency of Library Subproject in Project
  3. Header search path in Project has to include Subproject
  4. Link to Library *.a files in Project


Open a terminal, change to the StaticLibrary Folder and run it will create a static library for iOS and the Simulator and merge them together into a universal library.

All output will be dropped to StaticLibrary/lib (Universal static library and header files in subdir include)

Required for linking

  1. Drop Distribution package of Library into Project
  2. Header search path in Project has to include provided headers
  3. Link to Library *.a files in Project


If you want to add files to the library do not open the library project directly, use the project that uses the library and expand the subproject. You'll have to setup header file copying in the build phases tab of the library project.

Beware: If the library project is open for itself in another instance of Xcode it will not build or expand when included as subproject (Xcode locks the project if open and disallows parallel use!)