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This is a clone of git clone from
It is not the original!

==== Pyinotify ====

License: MIT License
Project URL:

==== Dependencies ====

- Linux >= 2.6.13
- Python (CPython) >= 2.4
- Libc with inotify support (usually version >= 2.4 for GLibc)
- ctypes (part of the standard library since Python 2.5)
- Epydoc (optional, used to generate html documentation from docstrings)

==== Install ====

-> Install from the distributed tarball
    # Choose your Python interpreter: either python, python2.6, python3.0,..
    # Replacing XXX accordingly with your previous choice type:
    $ sudo pythonXXX install

-> OR install with "Easy Install" (currently seems to work only for Python2)
    $ wget
    $ sudo python
    $ sudo easy_install pyinotify

==== Watch a directory ====

Install pyinotify and run this command from a shell:

    $ python -m pyinotify -v /my-dir-to-watch
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